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Gift Ideas

We are pleased to offer a couple of gift ideas for the coming Holiday Season: our Book Bank and our Gift Certificates.
Book Bank
The Book Bank is a flexible way to ensure your loved ones receive a book on a regular basis. Books are mailed with an accompanying note or card. You can choose any genre – children’s picture books, children’s fiction, young adult, adult fiction and nonfiction – paperback or hardcover. Simply call the bookshop (802 442 5059) to open an account and pay your chosen amount by credit card. We will then send a book a month to the person you indicate until the funds are used up. We select books from the latest releases and the bestsellers list for the Book Bank program. Book Bank customers receive a 10% discount off the price of books purchased as part of the program.
Gift Certificates
Gift certificates are available for purchase at The Bennington Bookshop or by phoning 802 442 5059. We are happy to mail gift certificates at no charge.