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Book Picks on WAMC - 2nd May 2017

Phil appeared on Joe Donahue's Book Picks program on May 2nd. Here's a link to the program: Listen to Phil on Book Picks

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This week's staff picks:

Anything is Possible
Elizabeth Strout
To be released in May, 2017
Reviewed by Phil

I loved Elizabeth Strout's earlier book Olive Kitteridge, but was disappointed with her follow up, The Burgess Boys. The latter was a fine book in its own right, just not as sharp and crackling asOlive. Anything is Possible marks a brilliant return to form. Former Amgash resident Lucy Barton, now living in New York, has just published a book. News of the book triggers memories in the minds of various people in the small Illinois town where Lucy grew up. There is sadness, hope, and love in the tales Strout so deftly weaves from the lives of this small town's residents. This is such a beautifully written book, moving and thoughtful and rich. I can barely wait for her next one!

Fredrik Backman
Release date 25th April, 2017
Reviewed by Phil

Small town politics and pride set the scene for Backman's latest novel, Beartown. Loyalty is the underlying theme of this marvelous book and Backman poses the question: just where do our loyalties lie when everything we believe in is threatened? Beartown is a hockey town: The mood of the residents ebbs and flows with the weekend performances of the high school hockey team. This year, the team is on a winning streak, and the team players are heroes who can do no wrong. Until... (There are echoes of small-town America here, and the glory piled on the youthful shoulders of the high school football team.) This is a beautiful book. It touches so gently on trust, and love, and respect, and where we fit in, or don't. I read it in one sitting.

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