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Grief Cottage
Gail Godwin
Paperback release date: May 8
Reviewed by Linda

The locals on a small South Carolina island refer to an abandoned seaside cottage as "Grief Cottage" because a visiting boy and his parents disappeared fifty years ago during a hurricane.  Marcus, an eleven-year-old boy, is sent to live on the island with his artistic, reclusive aunt after his mother dies. To fill the long, lonely hours of each summer day, Marcus visits Grief Cottage to commune with the boy who disappeared fifty years ago. With each visit, Marcus summons the courage to get a little closer to the boy -- and closer to exploring his own experience with loss and death. This is a ghost story and so much more; it is an exploration of grief, remorse, loneliness, and human connection. Marcus and his aunt build a messy, imperfect life together that helps each of them envision a brighter future. Godwin is a master storyteller and cleverly weaves together stories that span decades and involve Marcus's great-grandparents, grandparents, parents, childhood best friend, and the quirky island inhabitants. This is a truly satisfying read.

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