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The Bennington Bookshop supports authors through its consignment program. The aim of the consignment program is to feature a wide range of books published independently or through non-traditional channels and offer these books to a wider audience. You can find a copy of our consignment agreement below.

Please note: We cannot accept books on consignment until they have been approved by our team. Any books sent without prior approval will be donated or given away. Please contact Phil for more information. Thank you.

How can I get local stores to carry my books?
By Naomi Blackburn

This article decribes the situation of independent bookstores and what to look for in a bookstore that you hope will carry your books. It also covers in some detail how an author should present both her/himself and the book to get the best possible reception. Here's a link: How can I get local stores to carry my books?

Naomi Blackburn is the owner of The Author CEO, a consultation firm dedicated to helping independent authors.