Kim Wassick

In her own words: Children's author Kim Wassick
On writing books for children: I have always loved telling children’s stories. When we would have friends over to our house, I would tell stories to the children. They would beg, “ Tell us more. Tell us more.”  I would give the characters similar names to the children I was telling the story to. They really like that.
On the inspiration for her work: I was inspired to write Basil and Prune the Pug after observing the hysterical relationship between my granddaughter Basil and her little black pug named Prune. I thought they were so funny together, that one day I said, “I am going to create two little characters after Basil and Prune.” I started out by telling the true story of them. I talked about how they slept together, ate together, played together and even shared “Binkies” together. I thought it made for a silly little book that toddlers would enjoy. 
On finding rhymes for her books: I have to tell you that it comes naturally to me. I had a really silly grandmother that was always making up songs and rhymes. I remember getting two turtles at a young age and my grandmother, otherwise known as MISS MUVVY, named them Myrtle and Girdle. Whenever I am rhyming I say, “Oh, Miss Muvvy is with me!” 
On her next project: At the moment I am working on more designs for my next book. As an artist and designer my brain is always thinking up new ideas. It’s hard to turn it off………but I love it!! I am currently working on a Basil and Prune the Pug’s Christmas. I am hoping to have it out by October. I plan to write and illustrate more fictional books about the two characters that I created inspired by Basil and Prune. Basil will remain a toddler in all the books and Prune will remain the same age too!